Advancer is a platformer game made during Ludum Dare 24, with the theme being "Evolution",
and I am working on it further.

The concept of the game is to evolve the game itself. It starts off in the first generation of games, the "Odyssey" era, then through the "Atari", "NES" and eventually the "SNES" era. The games complexity, the graphics, and your abilities improve as it evolves.

After you reach the 4th generation, you'll gain the ability to switch between the different gens at will. Each gen has different rules, so each has it's own advantages and disadvantages to be in. It could also add a certain puzzle element, figuring out which generation to use at what time.

This playable demo is the version I made during the Ludum Dare competition and is very incomplete.

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screenshot screenshot screenshot
screenshot screenshot screenshot

Genre: Platformer Platform(s): Flash
Project Started: August 24th, 2012 Project Finished: N/A
Project Status: Paused Made With: Flashpunk

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